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Monthly Luxury Wash/Express Detail Program


Richardson Detail Company's Exclusive New Program

Have your vehicle washed or express detailed on a bi-weekly or monthly basis for a steeply discounted price

How it Works:

  1. Sign up for the service that best suits you (Prices Below). 
  2. Choose to have the amount of your service withdrawn from your credit/debit card on the 1st or 15th of each month.
  3. Choose to have the service performed on the First Monday or Third Monday of every month.
  4. You will be contacted the Friday before your scheduled service each month as a friendly reminder.
  5. If you choose a Luxury Wash package, your vehicle doesn't need to be unlocked, and we don't need to see you. That means if you are busy working, or out of town, or watching the game, we will arrive at the location, wash your car, and leave, without ever bothering you. If you choose an Express Detail package, the car will need to be unlocked. If it is unlocked upon our arrival, we will have no reason to bother you. However if it is locked, we will ask that you meet us to unlock it.



Monthly Luxury Wash - Exterior Hand Wash and Dry, Clean Exterior Windows, Clean and Shine Wheels and Tires, Spray Wax Vehicle

$20/Month OR $35/Month for 2 Vehicles


Monthly Express Detail - Luxury Wash + Clean Door Jambs, Clean Interior Windows, Quick Vacuum, Wipe Down Trim

$30/Month OR $50/Month for 2 Vehicles